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Valerie Bouthyette




The Creative Process


All illustrations begin with your vision ... a story you want to bring to life.

You can submit a manuscript with page by page 
illustration instructions or...let my imagination run wild.

Once I've completed the character design and sketches, you will  be  asked to review the artwork and upon approval, the final illustrations are completed.



Book Layout and Design

Character Design

App and Animation Art

Educational Materials

What my author's and Clients have to Say...

Incredibly professional and timely. -

Valerie is an exceptionally gifted artist. Her work is just as her 
profile claims, full of life and passion. But even better, 
especially for a cartoonist: she has a great sense of humor that 
comes through her work making
it fun to look at.

Absolutely phenomenal work and a delight to work with! Many 

I love that such a classy artist was also so computer savvy. I 
would still be stuck in per-production if it weren't for Valerie's 
ability to convert my ideas to beautiful art. Thank you, Valerie!

I love valeries work...she did a great job..really made my story 
come to life..

Valerie Bouthyette is an incredible artist. Not only has she 
mastered the technical side of illustrating, she is a master at 
reaching deep into your soul and stirring up childhood memories. 

Absolutely superb work, follow-thru, follow-up and 

With minimal directions, Valerie produced just the illustration 
needed for my Children's Picture book. She has gone beyond the 
call of duty with her creative thinking. She keeps continually in 
touch. She gets the project done in half the time allotted. I 
highly recommend her to anyone needing an illustrator for a 
Children's book.

I loved the samples I saw of Valerie’s work and knew I wanted 
her to illustrate my book. I got so much more than just excellent 
illustrations! Valerie is a joy to work with. She is intuitive, 
prompt and friendly which makes for an all around great 
working relationship.

I loved the illustrations that Valerie created. Her ideas were 
very refreshing.

Excellent work! Thanks for accommodating my 'pinkness' :) You 
have an awesome talent!

I was very impressed by her professionalism and creativity.

Gave more than expected to the project. The book, "I'll Tuck You 
in, Deer," is beautiful because of her efforts.

Valerie made my story everything I had hoped it would be, I can't 
thank her enough.

Great artist, very efficient communication and work. We are very 
satisfied and will definitely work with her again.

...did an amazing job of creating characters that perfectly 
represented my ideas. work was delivered in timely fashion, as 
promised. few revisions necessary as her work was spot on from 
the beginning. highly recommend Valerie!

If you have questions or would like more information about your 
services, please contact me at my studio:

2010 - present

2010 - present

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